Corporate Photo Booth Hire

LoVirgin Atlanticoking for a way to inject fun and excitement at your next event or promotion? An eventbooths photo booth is an exciting and fun way of getting people together. With nobody on the other side of the camera, let our wild and wacky props give your guests the opportunity to let their hair down. Discover a different side to your colleagues! eventbooths offer a way to add more entertainment and fun to an event in a unique and interpersonal manner.

Eventbooths are one of the first in the UK to offer anything like it at an affordable price and the service and personalisation of the products we offer are second to none!

“What happens in the booth stays in the booth” they say! Well. That is until the print comes out moments later anyway!

Our booths are UK built and can hold groups of up to 14 people which creates a lot of fun and bonding for everyone involved.

Our in house team will help you personalise the booth to your event with exterior graphics, background themes, props, etc.

It’s your booth have it your way!

Look into an eventbooths photo booth today! You will  not regret it.